Hartley&Marks Group

Hartley & Marks’ origins lie in an old log house in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. In the winter of 1972, Victor L. Marks snowshoed into this remote mountain cabin, to begin putting together his first book, an essay collection on country living. Over the following three decades Hartley & Marks™ published a wide range of critically reviewed books in the fields of architecture, design, building and alternative health. It was during this period that Hartley & Marks™ published the iconic book on typography, Elements of Typographic Style, which has been translated into ten languages and remains a foundation used by most design educators around the world. As the book world changed, so did Hartley & Marks™.

The first evolution was the introduction of Paperblanks® journals and paper products, which were followed by Alusi® candles, Paper-Oh® notebooks and most recently, eXchange Tablet Jackets™. The element that ties these beautifully designed and remarkably functional objects together is our commitment to “making the ordinary extraordinary.”

We love to design beautiful objects that make a difference to people in their daily lives.